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You might know the names figures such as Belle Gibson, Lacey Spears and Gyspy Rose. In this episode, Emma and Georgia discuss the realities of ‘Munchausen by Internet’ as a psychological issue, as well as its impact on the chronic pain community, and the differences between Munchausen Syndrome, By Proxy and By Internet. We are also joined by our special guest The Trains, which keep interrupting us, and we spoil the movie ‘Everything, Everything’. Listen now!

Show Notes

The Lying Disease by Cienna Madrid

Munchausen by internet: What drives people to fake an illness online?

Belle Gibson admits she “never had brain cancer” | 60 Minutes Australia

Cancer fraud Belle Gibson: How the wellness industry became the other casualty by Beau Donnelly and Nick Toscano

Outro: Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac

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